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Since 2005, Attorney Kelly has been practicing law.  With a strong background in corporate law, consumer finance, criminal defense, conservation and agriculture, Attorney Kelly is passionate about the things that really matter to you. Attorney Kelly knows that sometimes life gets complicated. Finding a good attorney shouldn’t be.

Relationship-building and maintaining affordability is only part of what we do. We also believe in honesty and transparency. This is why each issue and question brought to our attention is carefully considered and evaluated. If we are unable to accept your case, we will let you know and give you the best referral possible, free.

We also offer excellent attorney referrals for Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


“Sometimes life gets complicated, finding a good attorney shouldn’t be.”

— Attorney Kelly



What we do: Most of our business is comprised of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  We do Chapter 11 referrals for corporations, partnerships, LLC companies and individuals who do not qualify under Chapter 7 and 13.  On a limited scope basis, we may assist certain pro-se or pro-bono filers who qualify, based on income and family size on a case-by-case basis.

What we don’t do:  We are not a “bankruptcy mill.”  We do not shuck-out bankruptcy documents without careful, individual attention to you and your situation.  We will never compromise quality, based on the size, complexity or simplicity of your case.


What we do: Credit card and consumer defense, debtor’s rights, foreclosure, repossession, lien, garnishment, student loan defense and rehabilitation, debt settlement and credit restoration.  

What we don’t do:  Professional and Medical malpractice cases, complex multiparty litigation, tax and estate planning, intellectual property, patent, copyright and family law.  We also do not take class action or employment and labor dispute cases.

Agriculture & Food –

What we do:  Right-to-farm and farming rights, insurance, zoning compliance, land tenure and tenancy, agriculture finance, organic certification and records management.  We also advocate on behalf of farmers, farmer’s markets, agricultural inspectors, homesteaders, small farmers, seed banks, coops and gardeners.

What we don’t do:  Labor disputes, worker’s compensation and immigration law.


ABOUT ME:  Attorney Kelly is an attorney in good standing, licensed to practice in both the Federal District and State Courts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Her law practice is focused on helping clients with consumer debt, finance, bankruptcy and District Court  consumer protection matters. Attorney Kelly is experienced in both criminal and civil trial work. On a personal note, Attorney Kelly enjoys writing and other things, like conservation and agriculture.

To find out more, visit,, or call us at (508) 784-1444.


NOTICE:  This is an Advertisement.  This post is not legal advice.  Consult your attorney.  Attorney Kelly does NOT provide legal advice to anyone via social media or anywhere over the Internet.  Any and all electronic posts and writings, by Attorney Kelly, does NOT establish any type of attorney-client relationship, whatsoever, neither perceived, actual, material, implied or other.  We can not stress enough, if you need personal legal advice, always see your attorney.  Do not rely upon Attorney Kelly’s posts, writings or any Internet information on websites or social media for your own personal legal advice.  Seek legal advice and representation from your own personal attorney.

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