February 19, 2015, (republished February 13, 2017)

It’s official, Worcester County, Massachusetts is the snowiest place in the US.  It’s only February 19th and so far this year we’ve had over 107 inches of snow!  This means that people who live in Massachusetts, particularly in Worcester County, are on double duty to prevent injuries from slip and fall accidents.  Here’s the “scoop” on clearing the snow.

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In the past, Massachusetts law regarding snow and ice injuries exempted property owners from liability if someone was injured as a result of snow that naturally accumulated and had not been cleared.

However, in 2010 things changed.  Pursuant to Papadopoulos v. Target Corporation, SJC-10529 (July 26, 2010), the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court changed this nearly 100-year old rule. Now, Massachusetts property owners must remove snow and ice to protect others and to protect themselves from slip and fall liability.

What does this mean to you?  Homeowners in Massachusetts have a responsibility to clear the snow and ice from their driveways, walkways and other areas of their property. It is important to make sure your family and others, such as friends, postal carriers and delivery workers, can safely visit your property without slipping and falling.  If someone slips and falls on the ice or snow, on your property, you could be held liable for damages even if that person was not invited onto your property.

If you have issues, regarding a slip and fall injury, or snow and ice buildup, ice dams or something under contract, it’s always best to contact your attorney.  If you need an attorney, give me a call.  I always enjoy listening, answering questions and speaking with others.  Your first consultation is free and our driveway and walkway is free and clear of snow and ice. Just sayin’ 😉

ABOUT ME:  Attorney Kelly is an attorney in good standing, licensed to practice in both the Federal District and State Courts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Her law practice is focused on consumer debt, finance, bankruptcy and District Court matters. Attorney Kelly is experienced in both criminal and civil trial work. On a personal note, Attorney Kelly enjoys writing and other things, like conservation and agriculture.

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NOTICE:  Attorney Kelly does NOT provide legal advice to anyone via social media or anywhere over the Internet.  Any and all electronic posts and writings, by Attorney Kelly, does NOT establish any type of attorney-client relationship, whatsoever, neither perceived, actual, material, implied or other.  We can not stress enough, if you need personal legal advice, always see your attorney.  Do not rely upon Attorney Kelly’s posts, writings or any Internet information on websites or social media for your own personal legal advice.  Seek legal advice and representation from your own personal attorney.

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Slip and Fall, an Icy Tail in Massachusetts

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